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The winery 47 Anno Domini was named in honor of 47 AD (from Latin 47 A.D. is translated as “47 year after the birth of Christ”). It was the year when Emperor Claudius completed the construction of one of the most important highways of Ancient Rome. The road was so important for the communications of a huge empire that was named after Claudia Augusta. Today, 25 hectares of the 47 Anno Domini vineyards are situated just on both sides of the historic road that runs through the winery. The winery has suitable location just a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast and quite close to the historic center of Treviso – this territory is intended for the production of the Piave wines.

The fertile soils of the 47 Anno Domini vineyards consist mainly of clay and are rich in mineral salts. The proximity of the Piave river gives a special character to the wines, which are produced from the grapes growing along its shores. On unyielding, hard for agriculture works soils the company grows grapes of local varieties, as well as traditional ones – Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Sparkling and quite wines are made from grapes of local varieties – Raboso and Glera. The diversity of cultivated traditional and local grapes’ varieties allows creating exclusive blends for the unique quiet wines of the 47 Anno Domini and a large assortment of Prosecco.
47 Anno Domini vineyards are equipped with underground drainage with a modern cultivation system. An innovative winemaking system allows mechanical pruning, harvesting and other wine-making operations. All works are performed with respect to the environment, using non-invasive methods. Modern technologies are used in the production process. A team of experienced specialists constantly monitors the chemical, microbiological and organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Via Treviso Mare, 2, 31056 Roncade TV, Italia
47 Anno Domini Soc. Agr.
Anno Domini – Le Argille
Anno Domini – Chardonnay Bio Venezia
Anno Domini – Pinot Grigio Bio Delle Venezie
Anno Domini – Moscato Frizzante
Anno Domini – Prosecco Frizzante
Anno Domini – Chardonnay Sottovoce
Anno Domini – Garbin
Piantaferro — Primitivo di Manduria
Piantaferro – Falanghina
Piantaferro — Fiano
Piantaferro – Syrah
Piantaferro — Chianti
Piantaferro — Nero d’Avola
Piantaferro — Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Scuola Grande — Valpolicella Ripasso
Anno Domini – Bio Vegan Vino Spumante
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