Hauts de Pallete
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Our vineyards cover an area of 150 hectares. We have 20 employees and produce 1 million bottles of wine per year. For the past 5 generations we have imparted our know-how and passion for our vines as well as our wines.

Originally from Schonberg in Rhineland, our family escaped the atrocities of the Napoleonic Wars and settled in Algeria for a century. Our ancestors excelled in wine making and were listed in the first edition of Feret des Vins d’ Oranie in 1886.

As a consequence of nationalization in 1962, the Yung family was forced to adandon their vineyards that they had developed since 1859.

Charles, our grandfather, joined his older brother, who was already living in Bordeaux, France. He purchased Chateau HAUT MONDAIN, a vineyard with 42 hectares in AOC Bordeaux, for the benefit of his two sons and two nephews. Over the next 20 years the four partners continued to grow and acquire more vineyards, up until 1982 when they decided to go their separate ways amicably.

The next step was to create our new production company: SCEA Charles YUNG & Fils. Our father, Charles Yung, was able to keep, during the split, Chateau HAUT MONDAIN and Chateau BARAIL (AOC Bordeaux), Chateau LES HAUTS DE PALETTE as well as the Chateau MOULIN DE TASSIN (Cotes de Bordeaux). He had to let go of the properties belonging to our mother, those that she owened with her brothers, by the name of Chateau MONBRABECH (AOC Corbieres).

Jean Christophe settled down and bought Chateau SAINTONGEY (AOC Bordeaux) in 1993. At the same time, his wife, Cecile, joined our company. In 1999, in order to diversify our markets, we created our sales and distribution company: HDP – LES HAUTS DE PALLETTE SARL.

Beginning in 2001, we exploit with a farm lease contract the Chateau D’AS (AOC Graves) which was given to us by Michel DARRIET as well as the Chateau ARNAUD JOUAN (AOC Cotes de Bordeaux).

Rodolphe, Charles’ younger son, moved his own business to the family property in 2006, and therefore is better able to advise the development of the company.

Our sales company also distributes wines for Rodolphe’s wife, Marie Helene YUNG-THERON. Her wines are produced at the Chateau de PORTETS (AOC Graves) as well as the Chateau PORT DU ROY (AOC Bordeaux Superieur.)

In 2012 we acquired the Chateau BOURDON LA TOUR (AOC Cotes de Bordeaux) located in Cadillac, currently undergoing an extensive remodel.

Our father, Charles Yung, at his respectable age is still present in the business and continues to advise us. Jean Christophe is responsible for vineyards and winemaking. Rodolphe and Cecile manage the marketing and administration.

Les Hauts de Palette SARL
4 Bis Chemin de Palettes, BP 38
33 410 BEGUEY
Baron de Gasсq
Baron de Gasсq, Blanc
Chateau De Portets
Chateau Laubarede
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