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For almost a century, Prataviera and Jegerlehner families have been working in the vineyards of Gascony. For three generations they managed to create elegant wines that embodied the incredible fruitiness of an exceptional terroir and the inspired work of their creators.
The history of the wine household began in 1920, when the Swiss winemaker Jean François Morel settled in Gascony and began winegrowing. His farm owned 10 hectares, planted with a vine.
In 1960, his daughter Denise and her husband Jean Jegerlehner took the estate development in their own hands. Thanks to a joint passion for the vine and winegrowing, they managed to expand the vineyard and built a winery. Their son Philip joined them over time.
In 1988, their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Henry Prataviera entered the family business. Thanks to their efforts, the vineyard was on the upswing. The territory of wine household united about 150 hectares of vineyards in the area of I.G.P. Cote de Gascony.
The first bottles of their wines the family company produced in 2003. The current owners of Domaine de Menard are the grandchildren of the founders Philip Jagerlehner and Elizabeth Prataviera. Philip manages vineyards, and Elizabeth is a professional oenologist. They experiment with soils and grape varieties, sometimes choosing not the most popular ones, but more suitable to the terroir. All in order to create amazing wines that can show the generosity of local nature.
By join efforts of several generations, today the winemaking company Domaine de Menard continues production developing and contributes to its name, and that is how they win the adherence of exceptional wines connoisseurs all around the world.


2 Amande, Colombard Sauvingnon
3 Gulf Stream, Rose Gourmand
4 Triton, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon
5 Perle, Sauvingnon Blanc
7 Venus, Gros Manseng
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