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The first sparkling wine for sushi – Yu Sushi Sparkling от Astoria Wines

Yu Sushi Sparkling is the first sparkling wine for sushi in Europe that is already presented in the leading Ukrainian public places of restaurant sphere. This wine is created by Italian winemakers Astoria Wines as the ideal gastronomic pair for dishes of Oriental, Pan-Asian and even Indian cuisines. WSW Group is the exclusive importer of that novelty in Ukraine.   

The ideal pair for sushi

The Italian winery Astoria Wines of the brothers Paolo and Giorgio Polegato is known for the combination of family traditions with innovative concepts that are following the most modern trends. For thirty years the company has created exceptional sparkling and aged wines, which are honorably represented in leading restaurants, enotecs and bars of the world. It was the Astoria Wines that created and promotes a new category in the wine market – a sparkling wine for sushi, which became the number one product not only in Italy, but also in Europe. Despite the fact that Yu Sushi Sparkling is positioned as an extra-brute, it is noticeably sweeter than typical dry wine. The sugar content of 6 g/l is ideal in order to balance the taste of Japanese and spicy Asian dishes. In addition to sushi, Yu Sushi Sparkling perfectly matches with seafood. This wine has a dry refreshing flavour and a slight fruity bouquet with apple tones, characteristic for the grape variety Glera.

Production by Sharm’s method

The grape variety Glera that is used for production of Yu Sushi Sparkling, is cultivated on the vineyards of Astoria Wines in Treviso. Harvesting is done by hand in September, when grape berries reach the maximum chemical and organoleptic balance, after which starts the process of soft pressing and static decantation of wort. Primary fermentation is carried out in steel containers using selected autochthonous yeast. Young wine is preserved on a “noble crust” for a month. Repeated fermentation lasts 25-30 days by Sharm’s method, then the wine ages a few days yeast-leavened. After bottling the sparkling wine is stored for a few weeks in bottles to obtain the ideal harmony of taste.

Yu Sushi Sparkling is quite popular in Italy and has already caught fancy of European audience, who increasingly prefer light and fresh sparkling wines. Ukrainian fans of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine can also appreciate now the special style of Yu Sushi Sparkling wine.

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